Last Rites


Last Rites or Antyeshti (Hindu memorial service ceremonies) are performed by the station and faction of the perished including incineration followed by removal of the remains in a sacrosanct waterway. Antyeshti customs are the last holy observances (samskaras) in an arrangement that preferably starts right now of origination and is performed at each significant phase of life.

At the methodology of death, family members and Pandit are gathered, mantras and consecrated writings are presented, and formal blessings are readied. After death the body is moved as quickly as time permits to the incineration grounds. The oldest child of the perished and the administering cleric play out the last incineration customs.

For 10 days from that point, the grievers—the close relatives—are viewed as debased and they practice specific ceremonies. During this period they perform ceremonies planned to furnish the spirit of the expired with another otherworldly body with which it might give to the following life. Services incorporate the setting out of milk and water and the contribution of rice balls. At a recommended date, the remains are gathered and discarded by entombment or by drenching in a stream. Customs regarding the dead, called shraddha, keep on being performed by the survivors at indicated times.

There are 16 Samskaras in Hindus, in that Antima samskara is the last samskara which is to be performed after the person dies. whoever takes birth has to leave the body one day. it is very important to perform the last rites of the person who dies so that their Atma (Soul) attains peace.

As soon as the person dies at home a Pandit who does Apara kriya does the Karya at the house and then the body is taken to the crematorium where again a small Karya, Havan, and Daan is performed. later the body is burned in wood or an electric machine.

Book Pandit for Last Rites or Antim Sanskar. All the Samagris will be arranged by us. All our Pandits are well experienced and highly qualified in performing the death rituals.

Funeral Services or Anthyesti is performed as per the Vedic ways by our team.